How Quora Upvotes Can Help Your Answer Rank

Quora is a question and answer (Q&A) site that was found in June 2009 by Adam Angelo

Though it did not gain much popularity back then, it’s now one of the highly ranked platforms for viral traffic. For years now, the site has given promising results by providing internet users with quality answers to their questions. Quora remains one of the best social Q&A sites for savvy bloggers and B2B marketing companies who want to generate good traffic on their websites.

Like any other social Q&A platform, Quora faces challenges in determining the quality of answers provided. However, it uses different metrics to ensure readers get high-quality content.

If you are looking forward to getting more views on your answers, you must work towards placing your answers on the top page of Quora. Most readers focus only on the top-ranked responses. This means that if your answer is not ranked highly, readers will probably not read them.

Quora has its algorithm to rank answers based on:

The author’s previous replies and knowledge of the subject. The previous upvotes and downvotes earned by the author on earlier responses

Topic expertise
Word count
User Interactions
Number of views
Credibility of upvotes

While some old metrics like keyword density, word count and use of relevant multimedia can help generate better engagements, the number of upvotes your answer gets dictates how high it ranks. You may be an expert or spend much time giving positive contributions or optimizing your responses but if your answer does not receive upvotes, you will not get far.

Why is upvotes still the best way to rank your answers?

Upvotes is one of the most important ranking factors especially if you get upvotes from top writers in your category. The voting system determines how the community responds to a particular answer.

Same as likes on social media platforms, Quora uses upvotes to rate the authority a specific answer projects, and how to rank it on the question page.

Quora’s answer algorithm ranks replies based on how helpful they are to help readers get the useful answers faster. Answers with more upvotes are deemed more useful, and these gets better rankings.

Highly ranked answers get more clicks, more views, and more upvotes. Votes from contributors who have a good history of writing quality answers also have more weight. Maintaining high-quality content will increase the chances of receiving upvotes from users that are reputable.

Though the platform uses all upvotes to rank answers, recent qoura upvoted answers have more weight. So, getting upvotes continuously is essential, and you can do so by requesting readers to vote for your reply.

How to get more Quora upvotes

Stay relevant

When answering Quora questions ensure you provide valuable information to the readers. Time is so critical, and no one has the time to read gibberish.

Avoid including any irrelevant information that may make your answer unhelpful to the readers. Going off topic may increase your downvotes. If your answer receives too many downvotes, Quora will hide it from others.
This will eventually lower the number of views hence affecting your ranking.

Make your answer standout

Be creative and focus on giving readers valuable answers. Before submitting your response ask yourself how can it be of help in future?
Answers that standout and are helpful will rank higher, which means more clicks, more views, and more upvotes.
Give credible answers

Giving credible and honest solutions is the best way to win your readers trust and increase your upvotes. Never provide any misleading information which can make readers to down-vote your answer.

Don’t limit readers

It is good to be precise, but that doesn’t mean you restrict the information readers get from your answers. Give your readers all the information they may be looking for while remaining relevant at the same time.

Providing your readers with helpful information is a proven way to get more credible upvotes. Though longer answers try to rank higher on Quora, don’t make your answers too long just to get better ranking.

Make your answers more organized

Reading long paragraph can be boring compared to well-formatted sections. Poorly formatted responses are not mobile friendly. Write small paragraphs that are easy to span.

Take advantage of bullet points and numbering. If numbered adequately, readers will find answers easy to read. If one question requires you to provide different solutions, numbering them will give readers easy and fast access to the answers they may be looking for, thus earning you more upvotes.

Be visual

Quora ranks answers with images and videos higher compared to understandable text replies. Not everybody loves reading text. Some people prefer watching videos and images. Visual content tends to get more engagements as compare to just plain text.  Attaching relevant videos or pictures are preferred.

Give readers quality content

Avoid writing or posting links that are irrelevant since readers may downvote or report your answer as spam to Quora. When submitting replies ensure they contain everything that the reader would want to know about the field in question.
Linking your answer to a content piece that gives readers more in-depth information can win their trust quickly and give your answer more upvotes.

Ensure all your upvotes are credible

The credibility of your Quora upvotes plays a significant role on how your answers rank. Most people request friends and families to upvote them with hopes to ranked higher. Quora is very keen on this trend and ensures each upvote is credible before rating your answers.

Avoid copy-pasting answers

Quora aims at giving its community users high-quality answers. The platform has its moderators that ensure that replies attain and maintain the set quality. Posting similar answers to multiple Quora questions may affect your rankings. Quroa has built-in plagiarism checker, so if you try to game the system, they can knock you out of the park right away.

Get some Upvotes

There are different services you can use to buy quora upvotes that can really push your answer to the top slot within a couple of days. 

Avoid any spamming activity

Never downvote your competitor’s accurate answers thinking Quora will rank your answer higher. If you give too many downvotes, with time, Quora will not pay more attention to your downvotes.


Quora remains the best way to generate more traffic for your business. The platform has more active members who are looking for answers compared to experts. Those utilizing their time to offer helpful replies are reaping substantial benefits. For those who haven’t, there is no need to panic. The platform has few users who answer questions and still gives more promising results and a chance to generate better traffic for new businesses.