How to Generate Unlimited Traffic From Quora

Do you own online business and wanted to diversify your traffic? 

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This step by step guide will equip you with all the information you need to get started on Quora and how to improve your traffic.

Why Quora?

SEO is getting more and more difficult day in day out. Internet marketers and bloggers are turning to social platforms like Quora to boost their online presence. If used effectively, Quora is one of the highly trafficked social platforms for driving free traffic.

People use Quora to answer relevant answers in the industry, with a link to their website. This helps to get traffic to their website and establish authority in Quora as well. The good thing about traffic generated from Quora is that it has low bounce rates.

What you get with Quora

Aside from drawing massive long-term traffic on Quora, here are some of the benefits you will get

  • Ability to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise
  • Connection with influencers
  • Building strong brand awareness
  • Discovering new ideas
  • Insights from experts in your industry

So here is how exactly you can generate a lot of traffic from quora

Create an outstanding profile

Quora gives you the opportunity to create your Bio. Quora Bio is one of the critical steps to creating a killer profile and here is where most people fail. Your Quora profile is like your landing page. It shows readers who you are and helps them determine whether you are an expert in answering their questions or not. However, keep it brief.

Remember to choose your areas of interest and set up your tagline. You can use your website link as your tagline. Be smart when choosing taglines to avoid baffling your readers. Choose your words sagely; space is limited.

Add any additional information on the profile summary just under your profile bio. Tell your professional experience and the story of your life. Don’t bore the readers. Make it humorous.

Mention any accomplishments you have achieved including any publications you have written for. Provide links to your social profiles and blogs for social proof. Wrap everything up by leaving a lasting impression. Here boast about your uniqueness and what distinguishes you from your competitors.

Subscribe to relevant categories you want to write or read about. Ensure you do your subscription right. Quora sends feeds to your account based on your categories. Wrong subscriptions will always lead to wrong feeds. Maximize the number of most followed topics to get more profile views.

Hunt for Quora productive discussions

Once you are done with profile setting, start hunting down for big questions with more upvotes and views. This can be done by using the following techniques:

  • Using qoura dashboard- displays all the followed, re-asked and new questions
  • Using Quora search bar under “questions for you”– shows all the discussions based on your keyword search and lists them according to their popularity
  • Questions on your feed- questions send to you for reading depending on your selected topics during your profile set up. Answering questions on your feed is likely to get more views compared to other sections.
  • On the Asked to Answer section- this may not apply if you are new, but as your reputation grows, you will be receiving questions from questioners. Answering questions on your “Asked to Answer” section is one of the best ways to give your reply more authority and minimizing any chances of being treated as spam by Quora moderators.

Be picky about what question you answer

Before you jump into answering your questions, it’s always a good idea to shortlist them based on:

Number of followers

Queries with a high number of followers are popular and attract more visitors. When a new reply is provided, Quora sends a notification and a link to the new answer. Answering such questions will up your views and increase your authority.

Number of views

Numbers don’t lie. The higher the number of views, the higher the chances of getting more views. However, this may not apply to all questions. Some questions will have a lot of views but small followers. This shows how popular the question is. Replying to such questions will increase your views.

Last day views

Quora displays the number of views a trending answer has received in the past day. This applies to both individual queries as well as questions on “questions for you” section. The number of views an answer project shows its popularity. Popularity comes along with competition. If you miss it, you lose. Only answer such questions if you are an expert in the area.

Quality of previous answers

Take your time and go through some of the replies provided and determine whether your answer will add value to the readers. If it does, make it stand out from your competitors. This will win your readers trust faster and increase your authority.

Writing your answers

When writing your answers read and understand what exactly the questioner is looking for. Be smart and win your reader’s trust by surpassing their expectations. Tell stories and personal experiences that readers can relate to.

Your replies should answer the questioner and anyone who may be in need of the same information in future. Adding pictures and videos with relevant information can give more valuable information to the readers. Be precise but not too brief. However, don’t give readers fluffy content. Make it worth reading.

Optimize your answer

Take advantage of long tail keywords and optimize your reply. Quora answers get ranked in Google for a lot of long tail search terms which get you more and more traffic, and if you able to get your answer ranked to the top spot for specific Quora question, you get a lot of views and clicks to your website.

  • Stay active

If long-term traffic is what you are looking for, then Quora is the answer. Be part of the community and ensure you write answers frequently. Search questions on your category and give questioners valuable information

  • Become a blogger on quora

While Quora is known to be a social site where community users can post questions and get answers, bloggers are allowed to blog. Unlike answering questions, blogging on Quora is not much effectual. However, the move helps you to reach new audience, give your business perspective on varied topics, and above all drive traffic to your site.

  • Share your posts

Quora gives bloggers the opportunity to share their blog and answers on social media. Never underestimate the power of the online community. Social media is powerful and sharing your posts can increase your online visibility. Once you share your answers with your followers on social media, you are highly likely to get some upvotes and followers, and these initial upvotes can really help your answer to get rank higher for that specific question and any future answers on that particular topic.


Whether you are promoting your own business, blogging for fun, or doing marketing for other businesses, you will need traffic to your site, and Quora has it all. Try it today and generate massive traffic for your website.