How to Get Free Upvotes On Quora?

Much like Reddit and Yahoo Answers, Quora is a question and answer platform. Unlike its competitors, Quora prides itself on quality. Users have the power to either upvote or downvote all answers based on quality.

Though the site uses different metrics to rank answers, the number of upvotes an answer projects determine how high it ranks. This means that if your answer receives a high number of upvotes, you are going to dominate well in the industry. This article addresses some of the strategies you can use to up your upvotes.

Choose your topics smartly

All Quora topics are not equal; this is why some have more followers than others. Controversial topics tend to get more upvotes. Write answers on topics that get a lot of attention like politics. Most people follow trending topics and answering questions on these topics can earn you more upvotes.

Maintain quality

The other thing you can do is to write a great answer on specific topics and then send a message to all followers and top writers on that specific topic and start a conversation. Quora allows users to send private messages and interact with users who are not in their social network.

Once you build connections, later on, you can ask them to upvote your answer.

Increase your audience engagement

Controversial topics and trending topics give you better engagement with your audience. Do not post your answers and remain dormant. Keep checking for any new comments from your audience and respond to them on time. Don’t be selective, ensure you respond to both negative and positive comments.

Take advantage of social media

Using friends and family is the easiest way to get some free upvotes. Quora allows users to link their accounts to other social media platforms. Once you link your social media accounts to your account, Quora will notify all your followers. Take advantage of this feature and request friends and family to follow you and upvote your answers.

Post questions frequently

Quora users follow questions and not answers. Quora users can follow questions of interest, and once a new answer is added, Quora sends notifications to all followers with a link to the answer. And if you manage to select questions which have not been answered and happen to have a high number of followers, you will get more followers and upvotes.

One benefit of answering questions that have not received a reply is that you stand a high chance of influencing the audience and at this time you don’t have anyone to compete with.

Be honest

Never write anything you are not sure about. Always do some research and wittily address the questioner. Use relevant content to back up your reply. This way, you can get more followers who will upvote for your answers. 

Schedule your posts

The best time to post your answer is late at night or very early in the morning. At this time your competitors are not active and if your answer is quality users will upvote it.


Quora is one of the highly trafficked social sites and getting a broader brand recognition is very easy. As much as you focus on increasing the number of upvotes, it is also good to maintain your followers. Quora is all about quality, and if you distinguish your brand and give your audience a reason to follow you, you will drive free traffic to your website.