My Quora Followers Hack That Generated 10,000 Quora Followers

Do you own a Quora account and facing challenges generating followers? Well, the dawn has come, and as the proverb says “He who thinks leads, but has no followers is only taking a walk.” Followers are an essential part of any online business, and without them, you cannot gain authority. Once you build a decent amount of followers on quora, you get lots of views on new answers because all your followers get a notification about your answers and quora always pull them back in. 

Quora is a traffic generation machine once used properly.

This article will help you understand different types of Quora followers, how to win and keep them.

Here are few different types of quora followers:-

Herd followers are these are followers who follow you because you have the high number of followers.

The pictorial follower is the type of followers who view your profile picture and follow you based on your looks. It goes without saying “what you see is what you might just get.” If your profile picture is not good, this will be a put off for the pictorial followers. Remember the aim here is to win all sorts of followers. Ensure you use high-quality profile photos.

Credential followers are followers who follow you based on your profession, education or what you do.
Statistical followers are followers who follow you depending on the number of upvotes and views. Since Quora ranks answers depending on how helpful they are, these type of followers considers your replies as of high quality based on the number of people who viewed and upvoted.

True or genuine followers are followers who follow you based on the quality of your answer. They are the most active. They comment and share your posts with friends.

To gain online visibility, you need all these types of followers. However, some of these followers may be passive. Hither is a quick rundown on how to generate more followers and how to turn passive followers into active ones. Take a look!

How to generate 10,000 Quora followers

Have a killer profile

Your profile talks much about you, make it professional. Upload your best profile photo and follow all the Quora terms and conditions to avoid getting your account banned.

Select Your Niche

Quora gives you an opportunity to select your niche. Choose those topics you are good at and try to maximize on the most followed topics.

Choose Your Questions in A Smart Way

Do not try to answer each and every question. First, check if the answer is indexed in google and getting some traffic. How can you do that? Just type that question on google and see if it comes up in the search engine. That means the question is popular. Always choose questions with:

  • A high number of followers
  • A high number of views
  • A high number of upvotes

While all the above tips will help you select your questions correctly, always remember Quora ranks answers on how helpful they are. Write detailed answers to relevant questions in your industry. Don’t go for quantity, go for quality.

Only handle those questions that you can answer. Before writing your answer, go through some of the answers your competitors have provided to get ideas. Don’t copy what your competitors have written. Make your answer standout and give the audience a reason to read your content.

Understand Your Audience

Know your target audience, and select your language carefully. Keep it simple and avoid using complex words. Compel the readers and leave them yearning for more.

Back Up Your Answer

When answering your question, back it up with any relevant studies or statistical records from authoritative publication and reputable organizations. Use images, videos or link it to any in-depth information that is helpful to the questioner and anyone in need of such information in future.

Adhere to all the guidelines. Quora collapses answers which do not meet the set rules or are thought to be unhelpful.

Be Organized

Avoid using long paragraphs. Organize your answer in small meaningful sections that readers can span quickly. Use bullets, numbering, and subheading where applicable.

Proofread Your Work

If your answer is full of grammatical errors, this will be a put off to the reader. Proofread and edit your answer to make it flow.

Be Fast Enough

Take advantage of new questions and trending topics in your category. Be the first one to answer. The benefit of answering new questions is that you don’t have to waste time reading answers because no one has given any response so far. Be smart. Give the questioner valuable information and surpass their expectations.

Be Part of the Community

Answer a lot of questions and engage your audience positively. Quora ranks new answers higher to allow readers to access them faster. If your reply is helpful to the audience, you will get a lot of views, upvotes and generate more followers. Respond to any comments and hold discussions with your followers. Keep checking for any new comments and respond to them on time. Avoid arguments. If the questioner disagrees with you, thank them for their views.

Connect Your Account with Other Social Media Accounts

Using other social media accounts notifies your followers that you have joined Quora. Each time you post on Quora, your followers on other connected social platforms automatically receive notifications. To connect with other social media accounts, simply go to your Quora account settings then connect account.

Analyze Your Answers

Quora allows you to analyze your answers. This enables you to determine which questions are driving massive traffic. If a question projects a lot of views without receiving a considerable number of upvotes then, there is something wrong. Delete questions that don’t earn you upvotes before Quora collapses them.

Things to Avoid

  • Never write negative comments on your competitor’s replies or try to downvote their answers
  • Avoid silly or meaningless questions
  • Never answer questions that you know little about
  • Avoid giving answers that you cannot support. Back up your answers.
  • Avoid breaking the rules. This comes along with repercussions and may affect your ranking.Conclusion
    Followers are the kingpin of any online business. Gaining online authority requires smart thinking. It may be easy to generate followers but maintaining them can be a challenge. Smart leaders do not underrate the power of their followers. But instead engage them positively to win their trust. Be unique, maintain quality and give your audience a reason to follow you.